About Us

For the past 33 years Jammar has been fabricating quality rope products particularly specializing in handcrafted outdoor cargo climbing nets and climbing ropes. We have provided thousands of military style obstacle course systems and recreation programs with equipment promoting fitness and challenging climbing experiences. Our product line has broadened over the years to include many highly demanded physical education products and professional level climbing and rope products.

   Our priority is quality and service backed by our experience in assisting our many customers choose the best product for their program and facility. We can fabricate rope products not offered on our online catalog. We have also enjoyed providing our military with conditioning training and obstacle course rope products, and in recent years have had the pleasure to assist in the mud run craze. In addition we can fabricate adventure rope course, theme park nets, theatre nets and shapes, safety nets and specialty nets for marine and industry.

   As a service to our customers and potential customers our website features information on choosing, installing, and servicing our indoor and outdoor cargo climbing nets and climbing ropes.