Grab Ropes

  • Attach them overhead and use them as you would as monkey bars
  • Indoor metal fitting top for easy installation
  • Whipped & dipped bottom for best grip & secure end
  • Weatherized version for outdoor use also available
  • 1.5″ diameter 3-strand twisted premium manila rope
  • 24″ rope length, 18″ below clamp with 2″ eye
  • Other rope sizes and materials are available, including a rubber ball option above the dipped boot for added grip


Our Grab Ropes are a new product that was created and fabricated straight from our customer’s needs. These short indoor CR-Series style grab ropes are fabricated using our indoor metal clamp top for easy installation and a whipped & dipped bottom for the best grip and makes a secure end. Our overhead grab ropes are 24″ in length, with 18″ of rope below metal clamp with a 2″ eye. Weatherized version for outdoor use is also available.

Easily attach them overhead and use them as you would monkey bars. Other rope sizes, materials and endings can be fabricated to your specific needs. Also rest grip knots (RGK-1) or rubber balls (RB-1) can be added above the dipped bottom for added grip. Although this is our standard way of fabrication, we can also splice a rope eye top, add a chain sling, turk knot top or bottom; whatever suits your program we can custom make it for you. Call for details.

View and download:  Jammar Full Price List*
*Dealer applications available.


Ninja Course Obstacles

NC-1Multi Rope GrabPer Pair
NC-2Nunchuk GrabPer Pair
NC-3Dowel GrabPer Pair
NC-4Single Rope GrabPer Pair
NC-5Single Ring GrabPer Rope
NC-6Double Ring GrabPer Rope
NC-7Triple Ring GrabPer Rope
NC-8Solo RopePer Rope